Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Orchard Blossoms

A Farmer's Orchard, oil, plein air, 11x14

Old Pear Orchard, oil, plein air, 12x16
This is the scene for The Farmer's Orchard painting. I think these are apple trees...but I may be wrong because they were in blossom before the large orchards of apple trees across the street. Of all the years I have been painting in this area, I have never painted this viewpoint with the barn behind the trees. I like it.
A photo of the easel and orchard in the background.
The blossoms were just coming out full force last week. The twisted old pear trees are about 60 years old and I return to this orchard every spring to paint.


Unusual Girl Studios said...

Oh, my dream, to sit at my easel in the middle of a field and paint the day away!

Kathleen Kalinowski, PSA said...

Yes, it is a wonderful feeling that engages all the senses. With the sun shining on you and breeze can be nice too. As long as it doesn't get too windy! Plein air painting can sometime be a challenge, but worth it.