Monday, September 9, 2013

La Luna - A Progression

 The idea for this painting started with the blue moon last August that was positioned over the pond near my home, casting a reflection. I painted several small study sketches of the blue moon using my memory to guide me in preparation of this larger version. I must admit that I am a "moon chaser", always looking forward to the next full moon and to be inspired for my next nocturn painting.

The beginning. A notan of thin Transparent Oxide Red paint established my composition. The surface is oil primed Claussens linen #13.

The moon and sky and an indication of the water was painted in next.

The photo here is a little dark. It took a long time to paint in the darks. I wanted to keep some areas with thin paint, yet make the darks still have form using warm and cools.

At this stage, I could see the end. The reflections in the water, and the foreground needed to be painted together and wet into wet.

Still making minor adjustments.

"La Luna", oil, 40x30
To be on exhibit during Art Prize 2014 at the Women's City Club in Grand Rapids. Art Prize opens September 18.

A limited number of giclee prints of La Luna, and a few small original paintings will be available at the venue's gift shop.
Thank you for viewing my art!


Corn Dena said...

great project! this is beautiful!


hmuxo said...

Gorgeous painting, Kathleen!!! I love the progression in this piece!!