Friday, September 7, 2012

The Blue Moon

OK, I must admit that I was geeked over the blue moon. I even had the event marked on my calendar. There is a small lake across the street, so if the conditions are right, the moon has a nice reflection early in the morning before it disappears over the horizon. So Friday morning, I took some photos, which did not turn out well. That is alright though because I mostly work from memory with this kind of subject.

Full Moon at Sunset, pastel, 12x9, $500.
On Saturday, we visited friends in Grand Marais,  MI in the Upper Penninsula, along Lake Superior. At evening, we had a bon fire on the beach and as the spectacular sun was setting in the west, the full moon was rising in the east! This painting is a result of that wonderful sight. Great friends, good wine, gourmet food and inspiring land throughout the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Harvest Moon, pastel, 12x9, $500.
This painting was started last year in 2011 during the harvest moon. It was started and I just finished it.
Red Moon II,  pastel, 6x6, $225.
I was surprised to learn that the "Blue Moon", which is a full moon that appears twice in the same month, is also called the red moon this time of year. The moon did have an orange cast to it.

Red Moon I , pastel, 6x6, $225.
I was most interested in this composition which I will enlarge to a vertical format .

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Garden

Garden Shadows, oil, 11x14
I arrived at Betty's garden last week eager to do a painting of her beautiful garden. She was apologetic on the state of the blooms, I should have been there three weeks ago! Anyway that did not deter me and I thought it was nice anyway. I decided to paint a back-lit view, one that I have not tried before. I am happy with the outcome and the impressionistic brush marks suggest the many shades of pink and dark red of the phlox.

Sunny Garden, oil, 11x14, $800. framed
I painted this in 2009 at Betty's garden and still love it. I try to paint there at least once a summer. I have decided to come up with a larger composition using both studies as reference.
I hope to have this finished for the upcoming art fair at St. James Court in Louisville, KY.