Sunday, June 27, 2010

Autumn Pond

"Autumn Pond", pastel, 24x18, pastel...SOLD
"Autumn Pond"....sunny day in late October, a hike at a nature preserve. Walking on crisp leaves through wooded trails leading to a pond with pristine water reflecting the shoreline. A beautiful design, and natural harmonious color..this was begging to be painted. I can still hear the quiet.

Pastel paintings from oil studies.

"Secret Meadow", pastel, 12x12, 2010...SOLD
This pastel painting was inspired from the time I spent at the Wau-Ke-Na nature preserve south of Douglas, MI. I worked from an oil study (see previous blog) and photographs. This piece will be among 12 other new pastel paintings featured in a two person exhibit at the Button-Petter Gallery in Douglas, MI. The opening reception is on July 11 from 1-5 pm. Above is the other pastel painting I did from the oil studies painted on the beach.
"Wau-Ke-Na Beach", 16x12, pastel, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wau-Ke-Na Beach

"Wau-ke-na Pines", oil on panel, 12x12

Wau-Ke-Na Beach", oil on linen panel, 9x12.
 I painted with the PAAWM group at the Wau-Ke-Na nature preserve easement which was along Lake Michigan. I had hesitated to even drive that far with quite iffy weather forecasted. The gray skies were quite nice though and even though it was muggy when I left the house, the breeze at the Lake was quite cool and I was dressed in shorts! Even so, I did two quick studies and then went up the hill to paint some enchanting meadows that were so beautiful. From these studies I did two pastels that will be in the Button-Petter Gallery Exhibit opening July 11 in Douglas, MI.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lily Pond in Pastel

"Lily Pond in June", pastel, 16x24, $1400.
A pastel painting from my plein air study "Lily Pond". I am planning a few more compositions from the time I spent at this beautiful place a few weeks ago. This painting will be at the Button-Petter Gallery exhibit opening July 11.

Creek Study

"Swollen Creek" , oil on linen panel, 12x9
I went to paint on Thursday morning with a local group of plein air artists at Townsend Park in Cannonsburg. This is a favorite place for us, and I have painted here in all seasons. This time the creek was swollen with rain. The morning sun cast shadows across the creek which really required some careful observation of color and value. I liked the dark recess where the creek disappeared around the bend and the bright grasses added contrast. Overall, the experience was a good one on a beautiful June day, listening to the rushing water and singing birds. It never ceases to amaze me on how fortunate I am to be a painter of God's creations.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lily Pond

Lily Pond in June, oil/linen panel, 11x14, 2010

Today I joined my painting friends on an outing to Nancy's home, a way's out in the country. Her home there included a restored farmhouse, barn/studio, lots of acreage and this fabulous pond. This little study will help me with a few more paintings that I want to do of this subject. I tried to capture the backlit lighting using simple shapes of the trees and clumps of yellow Iris. The pink waterlilies continued to open up during the morning as I painted and the bull frogs sang us a serenade.

Fragrant Peonies

"White Peonies in Jar", oil, 14x11, 2010

My peonies are in bloom and so I set up a few still lifes, keeping them simple. Canning jars make a nice casual container and the morning sun lit up the peonies just right for me to do a painting.

Under the Weeping Cherry

"Under the Weeping Cherry", pastel, 12x16, 2010
The weeping cherry tree in my yard is so beautiful in the spring. It is often the backdrop for pictures of the children from when they were young to prom. I had envisioned a young girl reading under this tree, with the hanging branches around her, and the beautiful bright pink flowers like an umbrella over her head. I asked a young girl in my son's class to be the model. I liked her long dark hair and thought she looked nice reading under this tree!
This painting will most likely be at the Button-Petter Gallery exhibit opening July 11.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Figurative paintings

I am not sure of the title for this painting, and may even work on it some more. Sometimes it just takes longer to know if the painting communicates well to the viewer. I have contemplated different titles like, "Where's the Tip?" and "End of Shift". I am hoping to finish this one up to put in the July 11 show at the Button-Petter Gallery in Douglas.
If you have a suggestion for a title, I would like to hear from you!
I will be posting a few more figurative works that may be in the Button-Petter show. Stay tuned...

The Frog Catchers

"The Frog Catchers", pastel, 12x16, $950..SOLD

This painting was inspired after watching my daughter and her friend trying to catch frogs a month or so ago. The weather had been warm and the frogs were being noisy. They caught some little bullfrogs and then let them go. I loved the backlighting of the late afternoon and caught the action on my camera. The whole scene was very colorful with the spring greens and bright buckets.
The painting was accepted in the Festival of the Arts 2010 Exhibit in downtown Grand Rapids at the old Federal Building. The show is up until June 13.