Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More October Plein Air

Autumn Fields, oil, 12x12, $800.

From the Pumpkin Fields, oil, 9x12, $650.

Icehouse and Barn, oil, 12x16, $900.

October Morning II, oil, 6x6, $250 framed

October Morning I, oil, $250. framed

Pumpkins for Sale, oil, 9x12, $650.

River Banks, oil, 12x9, $650.

October Cornfields, oil, 9x12, $650.

I was very happy to get out on those warmer mid-October days to paint out in the field. My duck boots are still mud caked, but soon to be switched to warmer winter boots!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reworked Pastels

Sometimes a painting just tells you that something needs to be changed. I unframed several paintings like that. I liked the pastels paintings, in general, but knew in my heart that they could have been a little better. The older versions are still on my web site and will be switched over around the first of November when I do my web site changes.
Looking East, pastel, 24x30. $2300. framed 
This pastel only received slight changes. I added the tracks in the road,  and broke up the road shadows. The trees were improved and the distant field and road grayed down. Overall, I like this painting even if I am the only one who notices the changes. A word of wisdom that applies here is "never leave something in a painting that does not work."

Pond Reflections-Autumn, pastel, 18x24, $1500. framed
OK, I changed the name. It was "Glorious", which was appropriate, but kind of short and not descriptive of the whole painting. The original work was painted in 2009, so I have had this painting for a little while and it had not found a home. Overall, I think the stream did not read well as a stream because it lacked the needed reflections. I am very happy with these recent changes of the reflections and some implied detail along the water's edge.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Successful Show in Kentucky

Under the Weeping Cherry, SOLD
Pear Blossoms and Bee Box, SOLD
The weather was chilly, but the sun helped to keep us warm. Overall, the show was a success with some nice sales to my collectors. The St. James Court Art Fair is a large juried show with artists attending from many states. We enjoy the southern hospitality and love staying at the Gallery House B&B! Thank you Gordon and Leah!
Awaiting Fields, SOLD

Garden Brilliance, SOLD

Peony and Nectarines, SOLD

Nectarines in a Silver Bowl, SOLD

Sunflower Field, SOLD

October Plein Air

I haven't been able to get out to paint as much as I would have liked so far this month. Now that the St. James Court Art Fair is finished, I did get to paint with Holly Sturgis last week and I went to the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute just on Friday to join the PAAWM painters. The day was sunny and brisk, very enjoyable!
Cedar Creek, oil, 12x9
Painted on Dowling Road.

Natural Beauty Road, oil, 14x11
Painted on Giles Road, south of 4 mile.

Pond in Autumn, oil, 11x14
Painted on Cedar Creek Road.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Plein Air

Country Home, oil, 9x12, $650.
Last week I painted with the GVA plein air group at the Frozen Creek Farm. 
Glad Fields, oil, 11x14, $800.

White Farm House, oil, 9x12, $650.The childhood home of an old school friend.

Hope you enjoy my recent plein air paintings for the month of September.