Saturday, December 19, 2009

Creek in Winter

Creek in Winter, oil, 12x16
This is the studio painting that I finished from my plein air study and from the small pastel painting in the last blog post. I like the feeling of warmth in this scene despite the fact that it is a winter's day.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The snow has arrived...

   In Michigan, with December you get snow. Today was sunny after many days of rain and snowfall so I made an effort to do a plein air painting that I will post soon. During the past weeks of undesirable weather, I have been studio painting, working on some winter scenes that I photographed last winter, one of which I made into a Christmas card which is the first image below.

The Christmas Tree, pastel, 6x6

This is my family last year bringing our Christmas tree home...I love that tradition.

I then decided to do a series of winter far five have been completed. You can see them framed on my web site.

Approaching Dusk, pastel, 6x6

Wow, this scene was just beautiful as the last glow of sun radiated behind the treeline in the distance.

Creek in Winter, pastel, 6x6

I also did a plein air study of this creek last year and am working on a 12x16 studio painting.

Park in Winter, pastel, 6x6

I liked the feeling of this scene: backlit, variation of color and the inviting creek winding through the park with the bridge as a focal point.

Frosty Morning - Farmhouse, pastel, 6x6

Of course the colors just grabbed me with this one! I love a red farmhouse.