Sunday, December 2, 2007

My first Blog

I am a visual artist - not a writer, but my goal is to try to improve my writing skills and to communicate my thoughts on being an artist and creating art in a somewhat organized way. I am starting this out on a whim, so I haven't completely thought about what I will write other than my thought processes on creating a painting, my inspiration, some areas of painting techniques that might be helpful to other artists searching for help, etc. I think I will start out by posting every new painting along with my comments.

Today I will post the last oil painting that is now finished, photographed and delivered to the wonderful people who commissioned the work. These folks commissioned the painting through Treeline Gallery in Suttons Bay, Michigan. The clients chose a favorite area beach for their painting subject. The idea was to not only depict the scene by to feel the wind and hear the crashing waves. I had painted a small plein air painting of the beach the day before the commission was discussed, so along with my digital camera I felt prepared to handle the proposed 60x40 oil painting. In the studio I did a 20x16 study before tackling the large canvas. I worked on very fine professionally stretched linen. The end result "Beach in Leland" was loved by the clients and now hangs over their fireplace as a focal point of their home.

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