Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snowy Days

"Snow Boughs-Almost Noon", oil, 7x5 NFS
It had just finished snowing, and the sun was shining. I was in the mood to paint those bright blue shadows so I decided to just look out my studio window and paint a snow laden pine that just seemed to glow in the late morning sun. I thought I would try my new 5x7 Ampersand Gesso panels and just give it a go. The overall shape of the tree was lightly brushed in, the trunk indicated and some of the dark green placed. The most fun was the shape of the snow on the branches and trying to vary the shadow colors between warm and cool shades of blue and violet.
I had such fun with the first one, that I decided to do another as the sun went further west, the tree was still luminous.
"Snow Boughs-Afternoon", oil, 7x5 NFS

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gifts of Art Exhibit...Kathleen Putnam

Featured here is one of the "Six Women Painters in Study to Studio" at the Gifts of Art Exhibit currently at the U of M Health Systems South Taubam South Gallery. Shown here are Kathleen's studio paintings. You will have to visit the show to see her studys! To see more of her work visit .

"After the Rain" oil, 16x20

"At Dusk", oil, 16x20

"Early Morning, Orchard", oil, 16x20

"Freshly Mowed Hay", oil, 16x20

"Kayaking the Jordon River", oil, 16x20

"Riding at Sunset", oil, 16x20


Three Paintings - One Day

"Snow Brilliance", oil, 9x12, $700. framed

"Snow Shadows", oil, 9x12, $700. framed

"Harmony", oil, 6x6, $285. framed

Three plein air paintings in one day. A beautiful winter morning beckoned Patti and I to paint at a private residence (with permission) with a creek flowing through the back yard. What a delight. Birds in song, creek sounds of water breaking up the ice shelves along the edges. Hope to paint here again!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebration of the Arts

Celebration of the Arts, 38th Annual Juried Spiritual Art Competition opens Friday the 25 - March 9. This diverse exhibit showcases many art forms in a spiritual light and is a highly regarded Grand Rapids area competition. Friday evening from 7-9 is the much anticipated artist reception you will not want to miss.
My painting "Promise of Spring", oil, 12x24, was juried into this exhibit.

February Plein air paintings

"Around the Bend", oil on panel, 6x6
"February Thaw", oil on linen panel, 11x14

These two paintings were painted last week when the temperatures were around 40 degrees.  The snow was beginning to thaw and since I was short on time I decided against driving around until I found a spot. I went back to "Lonnie's Farm" a place where I have done a number of plein air paintings in all seasons. I changed the frozen pond in front to look like tracks...a good way for the eye to enter the painting. As usual, since I love red this place is a favorite place to paint.

Another day last week when the morning was crisp, I came across the scene featured on top and decided to do a small 6x6 study. The red house at the bend in the road was a nice focal point.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winding Creek

I finally finished the pastel painting that I had set out to paint from my recent plein air study "Winding Creek-Winter", oil, 8x10. A recent  blog  had mentioned that I wanted to paint this scene larger so I settled on the pastel medium, 24x18. I am happy with the outcome, though I may still tweek it a bit. The brilliant sun on that morning had started to melt the foreground snow as I was finishing the oil study so I added that to this larger studio painting.
"Winding Creek", pastel, 24x18, $1500.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thinking of Summer

I am thinking of summer as I work in my studio for the upcoming gallery shows. Here is a sneak preview of a few new pastel paintings.

"Windswept Dune", pastel, 18x12

"Morning Breeze", pastel, 18x24

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Plein air with PAAWM

It was a fine day yesterday with lots of sun and temps in the 30 degree range. I drove over an hour south to paint with the Plein Air Artists of West Michigan at the Cedar Creek Farm Conservation Easement. The property owners were very accomodating. Al drove us back in the property on his new deluxe four wheeler vehicle. Jean made a pot of chili for lunch and we had a very fine critique at the end of the paintout in the warmth of their beautiful home. What more could you ask for?
"Winding Creek-Winter", oil on linen panel, 10x8

"Winter Woodland Trail", oil on panel, 8x10

I am already to use these small paintings as a reference for a 24x18 pastel....starting today!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gifts of Art Exhibit...Kay Tiedt

Kay Tiedt's work in the Gift's of Art Exhibit at the U of M Hospital, are autumn landscapes all painted in pastel. Her small studies translate well into her larger studio works. Shown below are some examples of her work that you will see in the exhibit. You might be wondering by now how many paintings in total are there between us Six Women Artists...I believe the number is somewhere around sixty paintings. This exhibit is also an educational one...demonstrating how a plein air (on location) study can be used to paint a larger studio painting.
The shows are all up, and they look fabulous!  Information about the exhibits is available on our website:

Gifts of Art Exhibit...Connie Kuhnle

Connie is one of our "Six Women Artists" and here are three of her beautiful will have to visit the exhibit or her web site, to see more work.
"Birdhouse", oil, 16x20

"The Morning Porch", pastel

"Thursday at Emma's", pastel, 18x24

Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Exhibit Work...Marianna Heule

"Three Barns, study", pastel, 11x14 (plein air)
"Pastorial View", pastel, 16x20 (studio)

Gifts of Art Exhibit...Marianna Heule

Featuring the pastel work of Marianna Heule in the Gifts of Art Exhibit now at the U of M Health Systems. Much of Marianna's work in inspired by her roots of her native Netherlands. You can see more of Marianna's work at her web site,
"Amish Harvest", studio, 16x20
"Amish Harvest, study", 9x12

"Fall Has Arrived", studio, 16x20

The shows are all up, and they look fabulous!  Information about the exhibits is available on our website:

Gifts of Art Exhibit ...more

"Road to Home, oil, (studio), 24x36 , $3000.
"October Morning", pastel, (studio), 18x24, $1500.
"Hillside with Pumpkins, study", oil, plein air, 8x10, $500

"On the Way Home, study, oil, plein air, 8x10, $500.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gifts of Art..Patti Mollema

"Leelanau", oil on panel,  $700.
"Dune Walk", oil on panel, 32x25, $1600.
"Squirrel Crossing", oil on panel, $800

These three oil paintings are just a sampling by one of the Six Women Painters
 , Patti Mollema. They are now on display at the Gifts of Art exhibit mentioned in the previous posting. Patti paints light filled works with a palette knife. Her work is filled with beautiful pure color that makes your heart sing and yearn to see more. Thank you Patti for your all your gifts, and all the good times we have had during our plein air excursions!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gifts of Art Exhibit

"Winter Day", pastel, (studio) 24x18 $1500.
"From Study to Studio" is the title of the Gifts of Art exhibit by the Six Women Painters opening on Feb. 14 at the Taubman South Gallery at the University of Michigan Health Systems in Ann Arbor. My next few blogs will be featuring some of the artwork shown at the exhibit. Six Women Painters was formed a few years ago as a fellowship of like minded artists with goals of painting together outside, en plein air, to hone the craft of painting directly from nature. This group has formed a camaraderie of painting companions that breaks up the typical isolation that many artists experience. We use our plein air paintings as reference points to start larger works in the studio. This exhibit showcases that process of a work painted directly from nature and the studio piece that was inspired from that experience. In the next few blogs I hope to show a variety of work included in this educational exhibit.
"Winter Beauty, study", oil, (plein air) 12x9 $650.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exciting News

I am so excited to see that I have two paintings accepted in the Salon International 2011! This is a juried exhibition of oil paintings hosted by the Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art in San Antonio, TX. This is the third time my work has been accepted in this prestigious show. These are new paintings that will be put on my web site soon.

"Pond with Pink Lilies", oil on linen panel, 16x20, $1600.

"Tending Her Garden", oil on linen panel, 16x20, $1600.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Beauty

Winter can be irritating and inconvenient , especially with the excess of 12" of new snow last night. I was wishing that I could be somewhere painting this winter wonderland, except I was basically snowed in. My husband is now snow blowing out the drive and I am afraid it will be at least a four hour job. Since I could not paint outside today, I worked in the studio. On a winter scene. Something about this season...I find it more visually appealing the more I grow as an artist so many more winter landscapes are just waiting to be painted!

"On The Way Home", oil on linen panel, 16x20