Monday, July 1, 2013

Workshop Lesson - Memory Painting

One of the painting exercises during the workshop was to do a memory painting. Marc took us to the beach at Petoskey State Park. The idea is to look at the scene for a short time (5 minutes) and then paint what you remember the next 10 minutes. We repeated that sequence for an hour. Then after a break, put that painting away and did a painting of the same scene for only an hour. The sun was hot!
"Hot Sand Dunes" , oil, 8x10
The memory painting is on the left. Amazing how they both pretty much look the same!

Marc Hanson's dune demo. His was not a memory painting, though he showed us how he massed in the big shapes with a variety of grayed greens. The light was flat by this time, not an ideal situation. Plus it was getting quite warm with little breeze. 

See our easels facing the lake! Someone driving by commented on how odd that we were painting the dunes while facing the wrong way!

Marc Hanson's painting of the dunes.