Saturday, August 31, 2013

An Art Fair and Gallery Report

Whew! It has been a whirlwind of a summer! Very busy with shows and painting. I have worked more art fairs than usual this summer, some were worth the effort, some were not. I have gained some new collectors and am happy that art sales seem to be on the upswing! The best shows this year were the shows that I have been exhibiting at for many years, with a good following of collectors. That is really no surprise, as it usually takes time for folks to notice an artist and follow their career. Folks also enjoy meeting the artist and talking about the artwork. The art fair shows also help the gallery sales. Many folks will mention to me that they saw and/or purchased my work at one of the galleries that represent me. This helps the artist with credibility and helps the gallery in name and artwork recognition! I am a firm believer in gallery representation and anything I can do to help promote the galleries is good as I want them to stay in business. It would be a sad world if art galleries no longer could afford to represent artists and stay in business.

Some booth shots from my 2013 shows. The paintings are all pastels. The last show is St. James Court Art Fair in Louisville, KY, October 4,5,6 . I will have both oils and pastels for sale.


Barb Berens said...

Wow Kathie, those look great!

gene sampson said...

Kathy, it is nice to know that you had such a successful summer! Congratulations and continued success. I have always admired your ability to make your art into your life career! Not many artists I know can manage to do that, and I realize how hard you work at it!